The lack of national leadership is telling

I don’t like discussing politics – it tends to bring out the worst in normally reasonable people.

But I can’t be silent to the fact that this COVID-19 Pandemic has been the worst display of presidential leadership (or really the lack thereof) I have ever witnessed.

Downplaying the risks, over-promising, grand standing, making it all about yourself, blaming others for your own missteps, claiming authorities the Constitution does not grant you, adding your “signature” to non-political stimulus money, personally attacking and belittling reporters asking questions.

To all Americans – we can do better. We deserve better.

Comments off because I’m not going to deal with political toxicity – we get enough of that already.

Design for the others

I think it’s pretty self-apparent that good design is accommodating of others, of allowing freedom of action and thought while providing well defined paths of usage, never requiring absolute adherence for the sake of ultimate control.

Design that pushes or exerts unnecessary control is not, in the long run, good design and it will ultimately fail. If I were to sum it up: Good design persuades, bad design dictates.

August Homecoming

I got to fly home, visit with family and participate in my brother’s Seattle wedding reception in early August. It was great to see Ian and Jan again! The reception was awesome – my mom never ceases to amaze! Live magic show, live music, good food, and most importantly, a great time with friends and family. My family did not come as… well, we’ve been on too large trips as a family already this year and the kids needed some at-home summer vacation (blueberries have been picked and sand played in). The flight home was an adventure – I’m working on getting reimbursed by the original airline and my flight trip insurance for that hassle. I ended up purchasing a new ticket from a different airline just to get back to Michigan in time for a business meeting I had the next day.