Thoughts on the MacBook Pro

It’s thin. It’s fairly light. Adobe apps run just fine as long as you aren’t working with huge files. In other words Web design work will not suffer. MAMP works well. No issues noted with any of my major apps. The one minor concern is that the MacBook Pro outputs a lot of heat. Maybe it’s just me getting used to having a notebook computer, but I certainly don’t want it on my lap! I don’t have Parallels or a Windows license to see how Windows runs on it. But other people have so go read their blogs and reviews. Overall I’m impressed with the MacBook Pro. Apple has produced a really nice notebook at a great price and with the capability of running two major OS’s simultaniously (with help from a 3rd party). I do wish Adobe would get their applications out soon. So inspite of the heat output and applications having to run under Rosetta, consider the MacBook Pro recommended.