Busy year… again

Another fiscal year at work comes to an end and wow It’s been another crazy, busy year. Lots of projects, lots of interesting problems solved (or ran into). Overall, very, very productive on many levels. On a sad note, I’m moving on from the Mac Pro – not for any technical reasons (it still works great) but for business management and internal systems and support reasons. I’m now using a very nice Dell Precision laptop for work. While I miss some nice tools and features of the Mac (and although I personally feel I’m more efficient on a Mac), the reality is in this day and age that you can pretty much do graphic design and front-end web development work on any Windows or Mac machine.

On the design front, I created some well received designs for some content web sites, web applications, and even SharePoint. Nothing earth-shattering but some very happy clients with nice, modern, usable sites.

It was also a crazy, busy year on a personal and family level. We’re still recovering from a freak storm that damaged the house (power ripped out and had to get replaced and siding damaged). Then we have a bathroom that needs to get repaired (the shower/tub wall tiling started to leak). And during all this we were expecting our 3rd child. Kid #3 finally came 3 weeks late but healthy for all that. Special thanks to all the friends, family, and neighbors for their support and help both with the house and the baby.

So that’s been my crazy year so far. More to come I suspect…

Tested and Certified

So work (yeah work!) paid me this week to go to training, take a test and get certified with Microsoft’s Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. The trainer was excellent. The material was, as per most technology training, a bit out of date. Not like horrendously bad out of date, but definitely some material that is deprecated or where there are better methods now days. The training used Visual Studio 2012 and IE10 for studying – which just helps illustrate the point of the material being a bit out of date. Anyway, this now means I can add “MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional” and “MS: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3” to my resume.

Shell scripts for easier website scaffolding part 2

Another bit of Bash script fun for prepping a directory or file for deployment.
echo "Which directory or file do you want to deploy?"
read sourcedirectory
echo "ZIP'ing up directory/file"
zip -r --exclude=\.git --exclude=\node_modules --exclude=\bower_components --exclude=\.npm --exclude=\.idea --exclude=\.hg $sourcedirectory $sourcedirectory
echo "Syncing ZIP'ed folder/file to Deploy directory"
rsync -r --progress $sourcedirectory.zip ~/Deploy
echo "Done! You can find your deployment package $sourcedirectory.zip here: ~/Deploy (type cd ~/Deploy to go there)

So some explanations for those not too familiar with shell scripts – this function goes in your bash profile (.bash_profile in your user account, if it doesn’t exist you can create it). read is a command that asks for user input – we’re asking the user to tell us which file or directory they want us to run on. Then we zip up the file/directory making sure to exclude things we don’t want deployed to production and save the ZIP’ed file name the same as the directory we’re “deploying”. And then we use rsync to copy the ZIP archive to our deploy folder.

You can totally tweak this so that instead of zipping the directory or files up, it could just rsync the directory or files to a remote directory – the skies the limit (or really your user privileges).