Well this is much better. Not perfect. But better. I ran across Adobe’s Spry Javascript Framework. I’m not a code freak. I can’t think/design/develop in Javascript or PHP. Oh I can resize windows and get an email form to work. But the only coding I really know is XHTML, CSS and Flash’s Actionscript – and Actionscript only enough to get things done–please don’t expect a full featured Flash application. But the Spry framework made something “neat” possible for me. Thanks Adobe. I’ll be uploading more of my work soon, but something is now up that I’m not afraid to claim as my own. It works. How well? We’ll have to see. I think I’m going to redesign my blog now. Something more “grungy.”


Well something of my portfolio is up. I will be the first to admit that it sucks. I wonder why I even bothered. It took way too long to narrow down the infrastructure -static XHTML or use WordPress’ dynamic PHP template system. I wanted to tie it into the blog as far as the look and feel. But trying to actually tie it *into* the blog turned out to be more of a headache then it was worth. I’m probably going to redo my portfolio in Flash because hey, I can get it to do what I want and I can do impressive stuff which is what my portfolio is supposed to do – you know, impress people. Right now it might cause people to laugh and wonder what the heck mediaRAIN does why they bother to pay me. But I do have something up now and I plan on making it better. Therefore the first (and often the hardest) step is done and now it’s time to make my portfolio and site shine. And get a job in Michigan.

New look!

After much messing around with the wonderful Ocadia-theme, I’ve produced something I can call my own (hat tip to Becca Wei, author of the Ocadia theme). There will be refinements along the way as I get more comfortable with the PHP coding of WordPress and as I figure out how to add my own elements. Meanwhile, the portfolio is coming soon. Parts of it will probably start showing up this weekend. And the font is temporarily on hold until the portfolio is up.

Well not this weekend but probably this upcoming week. But it will be up by April 30th. Also I will be probably tweaking the theme a bit more- the graphic symbols are a bit sparse and the lil face-figure guy is hard to make out. So there will be more refinements coming down the pike. But first the portfolio.