I am suitably impressed with Javascript

At work I currently have the “wonderful” task of taking a Flash site and making it HTML, sans Flash. I’ve done a decent job if I may say so, but one particular area was beyond my capabilities. In the Flash site you click on a button and “voila” content appears (this is a generalized discussion out of consideration for the clients and my company). So the local Javascript guru (Hi Jacob!) came over to my workstation and in 15-20 minutes whipped out a nice little Javascript that recreated the functionality of the original site. Thus I am suitably impressed with Javascript. For the record I think this particular project should have been done the other way around – that is an HTML/CSS/Javascript site should be built first then a Flash site built off of that work. Start with the limiting factor first so you can tie the whole project together more easily.

When is the portfolio going live?

I’ve been struggling to figure this out myself! I wanted to have this all done by the end of March. Obviously that didn’t happen. So I’m making it a goal to have the portfolio up and running by April 30th, 2006. And the font? It’s lame. I hate it. I can’t stand it. It needs to be killed for its own sake. But never fear, I have another font in the works. In fact it’s actually closer to completion then my original. And it’s got character! Oodles of character. I just need to design the lower-case, numerals, and punctuation now. Or maybe make a small-caps. It might actually work better as small-caps. Anyway, it’s coming. Really, it is. And this time the portfolio has a date to make.

Life updates

So this is the big week when my wife decides which grad school she’ll be going to. At the moment the field is narrowed down to Michigan State and Penn State. While Penn State has name cachet, they also prefer students going for doctorates, which my wife isn’t so keen on. It’s also in the middle of nowhere which may crimp my ability to provide for the two of us. Michigan State though is trying really, really hard to get us to come. Like lining me up with the Art Dept. faculty to help me find a job in the region, a stipend as well as scholarship for the wife, and cheap on-campus dorm housing. The University of Washington appears to be discombobulated as they say “yes we want you!” but “you’ll have to pay!”. No scholarship or stipend. And then they sent my wife several confusing mailings which suggest they really, really want her but have no idea what to do about it. University of NY Albany is off the lists as they won’t know until late April, early May, about who they want. And then there’s the elusive University of Illinois — Urabana/Champagne which would be my wife’s top pick but they have yet to utter a peep about who they want. Exciting isn’t it? Anyway we should know by the end of this week where we’ll be living in late August.