Recruiters, employment agencies, other interested parties, the general public, family and friends:

I am now employed as a graphic designer by the Michigan Public Health Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving public health through education, communication, and technology. All I can say is that I’m thrilled to be a part of this organization and hope that my design work will help it to carry out it’s worthy mission and goals.

This however does not mean I’m tapped out for freelance work. I’m still available. Just be aware that I have other priorities and that my turn-around time may be a bit longer.

To friends, family, and teachers who have helped me reach this point: Thank you.

Operation Graduate School

So my wife graduates this week and then we head out to Michigan State for her graduate school. I’ve had lots of emails and phonecalls about possible work opportunities but none within 1000 miles of where we’re moving. Somebody is not looking at my website! Michigan, folks. I’m moving to Michigan. So if you happen to be in the East Lansing area (or if you don’t mind me working across the internet) and need a graphic designer, contact me. But for the next 2 years or so, that’s where my wife and I will be geographically. And thank you all for your interest. It’s very flattering.

I am suitably impressed with Javascript

At work I currently have the “wonderful” task of taking a Flash site and making it HTML, sans Flash. I’ve done a decent job if I may say so, but one particular area was beyond my capabilities. In the Flash site you click on a button and “voila” content appears (this is a generalized discussion out of consideration for the clients and my company). So the local Javascript guru (Hi Jacob!) came over to my workstation and in 15-20 minutes whipped out a nice little Javascript that recreated the functionality of the original site. Thus I am suitably impressed with Javascript. For the record I think this particular project should have been done the other way around – that is an HTML/CSS/Javascript site should be built first then a Flash site built off of that work. Start with the limiting factor first so you can tie the whole project together more easily.