The lack of national leadership is telling

I don’t like discussing politics – it tends to bring out the worst in normally reasonable people.

But I can’t be silent to the fact that this COVID-19 Pandemic has been the worst display of presidential leadership (or really the lack thereof) I have ever witnessed.

Downplaying the risks, over-promising, grand standing, making it all about yourself, blaming others for your own missteps, claiming authorities the Constitution does not grant you, adding your “signature” to non-political stimulus money, personally attacking and belittling reporters asking questions.

To all Americans – we can do better. We deserve better.

Comments off because I’m not going to deal with political toxicity – we get enough of that already.

There are no words I can use

A dear family I know and love has lost a child in a tragic accident over the weekend. There are no words I can use to express myself adequately. So I leave a poem my wife found and shared with me, a poem that I feel best captures what I wish I could express. For my words fail me.

When You Meet Someone Deep In Grief

Slip off your needs
and set them by the door.

Enter barefoot
this darkened chapel

hollowed by loss
hallowed by sorrow

it’s gray stone walls
and floor.

You, congregation
of one

are here to listen
not to sing.

Kneel in the back pew.
Make no sound,

let the candles

Patricia McKernon Runkle

In memory of Lydia.