On getting COVID

As near as we can make it, one of our daughters was exposed to COVID at school between Tuesday and Wednesday last week. On Thursday she had a fever and was not feeling well at all. We took her to get tested and came back with a positive COVID result.

With this result, our family began its own personal experience with COVID first-hand. The kids were pulled from school and we kept the sick one isolated as best as possible. But it’s impossible to keep everything isolated in a home and soon others were starting to feel ill too.

Including myself, who had been vaccinated. I took Friday off from work to recover but still felt pretty crummy on Saturday. My general symptoms were an annoying headache, elevated temperatures, and general fatigue. I would hate to think what this could have been like not being vaccinated. Lots of liquids, sleeping, and just general resting have helped immensely.

I am feeling much better now, if not fully recovered. The kids need to stay quarantined at home for 10 days after the last onset of symptoms before they can return to school. We are in a very privileged position where we can pull our kids from school and they can rest in a safe home, where I can take sick days from work and recover, where we can call in our grocery store orders and pick them up, where we can be vaccinated and thus, while still getting ill from COVID, not end up with worse symptoms that require hospitalization or worse.

COVID is horrible. Despite our families best efforts, we still caught it. It’s not the flu, and it’s not the common cold. Do your part and help the world move past this pandemic by getting vaccinated and wearing your masks when indoors or when you can not physically distance. Let’s stop people dying from easily treatable issues for lack of an ICU taken up by a COVID patient.

There are no words I can use

A dear family I know and love has lost a child in a tragic accident over the weekend. There are no words I can use to express myself adequately. So I leave a poem my wife found and shared with me, a poem that I feel best captures what I wish I could express. For my words fail me.

When You Meet Someone Deep In Grief

Slip off your needs
and set them by the door.

Enter barefoot
this darkened chapel

hollowed by loss
hallowed by sorrow

it’s gray stone walls
and floor.

You, congregation
of one

are here to listen
not to sing.

Kneel in the back pew.
Make no sound,

let the candles

Patricia McKernon Runkle

In memory of Lydia.