And it drops…

Well Gutenberg is finally here. It’s not bad. There’s a lot going for it. And now that it’s in production more data can be gathered and acted upon. Further development will refine and polish the new editor experience so that we will eventually find the classic editor less productive, a typewriter compared to a word processor. We are not there yet, but I feel it is inevitable.

Workflows will also get polished up so there won’t be so many clicks to get things done. Finally, but not least, accessibility will be further enhanced so that more people can use this new editing experience across whatever accessibility technology environment they run.

WordCamp Grand Rapids 2018

I got to go to WordCamp Grand Rapids 2018. Great event at a great location. Good speakers and full of that awesome, inclusive, laid-back WordPress culture vibe. If you ever have a chance, check out a WordPress WordCamp conference local to you – I’ve been pleasantly impressed so far.

Brief thoughts on React and Vue

I’ve been playing with React and Vue, getting a feel for what they can do and how they approach solving certain problems. While my knowledge of both are very surface-level at the moment, I’m leaning towards Vue’s approach mainly for one reason: pragmatism.

Vue doesn’t require any specific workflow or tooling, and it can work right out of the box with existing code and architecture. It also isn’t so dogmatic about data-binding as React is. Vue is very pragmatic – I like that. Makes it much easier to start using and working with.