WordCamp Grand Rapids 2018

I got to go to WordCamp Grand Rapids 2018. Great event at a great location. Good speakers and full of that awesome, inclusive, laid-back WordPress culture vibe. If you ever have a chance, check out a WordPress WordCamp conference local to you – I’ve been pleasantly impressed so far.

An Event Apart Seattle 2018

I’m back from the An Event Apart Conference which is really awesome – if you work in or around the web, you should go sometime. A great mix of speakers, great range of topics, and how cool is it to have dinner with Eric Meyer? This is the guy behind the famous CSS reference book CSS: The Definitive Guide¬†from O’reilley (now on it’s 4th addition) and he was a major influencer in helping get browsers to adopt CSS as a standard. I also got to have breakfast with Jeffery Zeldman – a major force behind the Web Standards Project which led the way to why we even *have* web standards now. I love his gruff, honest personality and approachability. It was a blast just hanging out and learning with a bunch of my peers across the amazingly diverse web industry. I highly recommend the An Event Apart conferences. I hope to post more on some of the things I learned at this conference.