Progress on the font

I’ve now completed the capital “I” glyph. Progress is slow and methodical, tweaking points, adjusting curves, checking it against my hand-drawn sketch. I expect the capital glyphs will be completed by the end of March. Again, I’m not sure if I’ll design the lowercase glyphs. I’ll definitely have to go back over it to smooth and clean it up at anyrate. I see also that FontLab 5 is out–I got to start saving up for that…

The Capital I

The creation of shapes with meaning…

Font creation is time consuming but very rewarding.

I’m in the midst of creating a font. It is definitely not going to be a full featured font as I don’t have time to make it that right from the start. It has serifs, based off something my wife and I designed…well at any rate I designed it and my wife provided feedback. I’m currently working on the E. I hope to be at Z sometime in the next 2 weeks. Right now its only capitals with no numbers or punctuation. I hope to add those in the near future. Font creation is time consuming but very rewarding. And a lot of people will probably ask “What font is it based off of?” None that I’m aware of – this is something scrawled out via pen and paper from my own hand and head. It might be subconsciously inspired by some font, but I don’t see it at the moment. I hope someday to create a font as refined and exquisite as Adobe’s Garamond by Robert Slimbach. And someday I hope to create something as wonderfully creative as Zapfino by Hermann Zapf


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